Design Notes...

On the design pages we have an exceptional range of Power and Sailing Yachts, but its just a part of the portfolio. Please re-visit us regularly to see updates.

Our latest designs include a 39' production power boat for Al Yousuf boatbuilders in Dubai, a 43'6 Sports Cruiser for a private client, a 33' bilgeboard family racer, and a 47' deck saloon cruiser racer.

The design page will become a major resource for both private clients and companies, as we develop into one of the most exciting design sites around. Soon you'll be able to check drawings on the internet, watch changes being made and approve the results. You'll be able to tell us what you think and what you want in your ideal boat. Because we provide professional project management services for new builds of any kind, we will also be able to work closely with clients and builders on all aspects of the project, from pre-qualifcation estimating through resource planning and project execution to final commissioning and handover.

Feedback from customers is the most important factor in getting the product right, so we look forward to hearing from you with comments and ideas.

Finally, we are also featuring some of our consumer product design capability. We are designers to Thule, and if you buy a roof box in the UK today, it's almost certain to have been designed by us.